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War Chest

Every warrior needs a war chest with his (or her) weapons of choice – even a data warrior.

Here are some books and services I use and recommend. In some cases I do get a “cut” of some sort (not likely to make me wealthy, but I can hope, right?).  Check back periodically as I will likely add more in the future.

My New #1 Weapon of Choice: The Data Vault 2.0 Book

Hot off the presses with even more details than the first book! Yes, I have a copy already.

My #2 Weapon of Choice: The Data Vault Book

This is IT! The book people have been waiting for. I keep a copy at my desk and use it to check my models.

Now in the top 25 on Amazon for Data Warehouse books!

Super Charge Your Data Warehouse

Get the Data Vault modeling book on Amazon

UPDATE: The book is now available in the top 50 data warehouse books on Kindle. Get it here. If you prefer to download the book in PDF you can also get it here from Learn Data Vault.

Online Data Vault Training

The best and most cost-effective way to learn to implement the Data Vault is through Dan Linstedt’s Learn Data Vault training portal.  Be sure to us the coupon code AGILEDW10 to get 10% off these courses!

Specific classes to look at:

1. Data Vault Loading using Informatica

2. Data Vault Loading using SQL

Better Data Modeling: Tips for Enhancing Your Use of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

Available on Amazon!

Available on Amazon!

This is my most recent Kindle book containing a compilation of my top tips and tricks for getting the most out of SDDM. You can get it on Amazon here for $5.99. If you are an Amazon Prime member, it is FREE for you.

A Check List for Doing Data Model Design Reviews

This is a Kindle book I produced based on best practices I have used in my consulting practice for a very long time. You can get it on Amazon here for $5.99. If you are an Amazon Prime member, it is FREE for you.

NEW: The Check List book is now available in Spanish.  Get it here.

Become a Travel Hacker

If you are a road warrior or just like to travel, check out this site. I got great advice from this about maximizing my accumulation and use of airline mileage and hotel points. It helped me get multiple free flights last year and several already this year. And I have used for bunches of free hotel stays for my family when we go on vacation. If you sign up you get periodic alerts about deals to get more points for pretty much every major airline in the world and every major hotel chain. There is also a great video library of tips and tricks including some ninja tactics every road warrior should know. Very useful if you are a traveling warrior or you just like to see the world. Click the image to learn more!

Join the Travel Hacking Cartel

Click for more details

Rich and Happy Book

To be the most effective warrior it does help to be happy. This book is one of the self-help type books that I have read. Very easy to read and absorb. Easy to follow work sheets and exercises. And they have a great mission I can get behind as well. Check out their site and see if you agree.

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