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Unlocking the Vault Podcast – What’s Coming in 2023

A few weeks back I was privileged to one of the guests on Dan Linstedt’s podcast, Unlocking the Vault, along with a bevy of other well know data visionaries, thought leaders, and practitioners.

Our topic was –  it’s 2023 and we’re swimming in buzzwords like data mesh, decentralization, data lake house, etc. What’s actually the next big thing that we should take seriously? Are we forgetting something obvious or leaving something behind?

We had quite the discussion on what we see happening in 2023, where the industry is going, agile, DataOps, and loads more.

Listen in!



The Data Warrior

P.S. If you enjoyed that discussion, lots more like that to come for an entire week at WWDVC 2023. It is not too late to sign up and join us in Stowe, Vermont! Register here today!

Federated Governance: Why it Matters and Why it’s Essential for Data Mesh

How do you balance agility and governance, particularly when you now have the capability to ingest, deploy and transform massive amounts of data at a scale that no-one had previously dreamed of? And often this is sensitive data. Perhaps you’re working a highly regulated area like healthcare or financial services.  

How can you ensure domain teams adhere to the rules and standards while also giving them freedom and autonomy – the responsibility – to manage and develop data products appropriate to their domains, without it turning into a free-for-all? 

The concept of federated governance isn’t new but the popularity of data mesh means it’s become a much hotter topic, and a challenge for teams to solve. One of the four pillars of data mesh, a federated data governance framework provides for some centralized management, for enterprise level rules and standards,  but the ultimate responsibility to apply and execute the rules is decentralized to the domains.  

In short, it’s a way to ensure good governance with the right rules being applied in the right ways to the right data but through a more flexible approach, one that empowers domain team developers and supports collaborative working.   

Read the rest of the post here: Federated Governance: Why it Matters and Why it’s Essential for Data Mesh

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In-Person Conferences: Are They Worth It?

The Data Warrior Kent Graziano and DataRebels Owner, Cindi Meyersohn, are back for another conversation! Today, the topic of discussion is in-person conferences – in an ever-increasing virtual world, is there a benefit to traveling to be in-person?

Kent: Hey there Cindi, so we’re here talking about the benefits of in-person conferences. I’m going to just come out and state the obvious, that YES, being at events in-person is much more enjoyable and beneficial in general. The interactions with speakers live, the chance to ask questions and network, and the ability to share your thoughts with industry leaders – the value of those things should not be underestimated. We’ll circle back around to general discussion, but full disclosure, we’re talking specifically about one conference that’s coming up: the WWDVC 2023.

Cindi: Right Kent, it’s going to be the first week of May, so it’s coming up quickly! And DataVaultAlliance has a huge line up of who’s who in data analytics:

  • The father of data warehousing, Bill Inmon
  • Inventor of Data Vault, Dan Linstedt
  • The author of “An Introduction to Database Systems”, world-renowned specialist in relational database theory, CJ Date.

Check out the rest of the post, all the reasons I think we need to be in-person, and a DISCOUNT code for WWDVC, here.

See you soon (hopefully)!


The Data Warrior

What is Modern Data Virtualization?

If you have been wondering about #DataVirtualization in this age of #cloud and AI, wonder no more!

Join my friends from Zetaris for a Virtualization 101 workshop – where knowledge meets excitement! Register here!

When you register, you will be entered to win one of three amazing prizes including the newly released Gen 3 Airpods as the main prize. The winners will be revealed during the event for everyone that enters.

Data Virtualization is the future of a multi-cloud and distributed data world. AI needs data from different sources, in real-time, to take it to the next level towards General AI. Join this webinar to get insights into what data virtualization can do for your organization today.

Date: March 15th, 2023

Time: 12pm-1pm PST

Cost: FREE


  • What is Data Virtualization?
  • What is the difference between Analytical Data Virtualization and Operational Data Virtualization?
  • How does the traditional approach to building data platforms (data layers that support the business) change to a modern
  • Decentralized data approach (a Networked Data Platform)?
  • What are the use cases?

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The Data Warrior

Why Column-Aware Metadata Is Key to Automating Data Transformation

So it is 2023, and like everyone, I have a few predictions. Check out my thoughts in this post about automating data transformations using column-aware metadata and why it is critical to the success of more collaboration and data sharing..

Data, data, data. It does seem we are not only surrounded by talk about data, but by the actual data itself. We are collecting data from every nook and cranny of the universe (literally!). IoT devices in every industry; geolocation information on our phones, watches, cars, and every other mobile device; every website or app we access—all are collecting data. 

In order to derive value from this avalanche of data, we have to get more agile when it comes to preparing the data for consumption. This process is known as data transformation, and while automation in many areas of the data ecosystem has changed the data industry over the last decade, data transformations have lagged behind. 

That started to change in 2022, and in 2023 I predict we will see an accelerated adoption of platforms that enable data transformation automation. 

Read the rest of the post here – Why Column-Aware Metadata Is Key to Automating Data Transformation

May 2023 be your most agile year yet!


The Data Warrior

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