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Snowflake Resources

In my six years at Snowflake, I have had the privilege and opportunity to help produce lots of ebooks, blogs, videos, and podcasts. Here is the list with links to all of them for easy reference. Some are a few years old, and may provide a more historical view of the product, but all contain information that is very valid today as you look at build on The Data Cloud.


Video and Podcasts

YearVenue/EventTitle/TopicLink to asset
2021Data Mesh LearningData Mesh Video Interview
2021Data Sharks video/podcast (Intricity)Data Mesh and Snowflake
2021Hashmap on TapWhat is Data Mesh?
2021Data Agility DayBalancing agility and governance with the Data Cloud and Dataops
2021DevOps Summit – CanadaDataOps Panel – Trends for 2022
2021IDERA Live 2021The Future of Data is The Data Cloud
2021Data Sharks video/podcast (Intricity)From Startup to IPO
2021Pittsburgh Technology Council – Beyond Big Data – ML/AI SummitRise of the Data Cloud
2021Datamation (podcast and video)Snowflake and the Enterprise Data Platform
Helsinki, Finland – seminar with BigData Solutions (video)
Changing the Game with Cloud Data Warehousing
2019BI/DW Summit, UtrechtAgile Methods and Data Warehousing
Mark Rittman’s podcast Drill to Details
The Rise of Snowflake
2020Data Engineering PodcastSnowflake
2020Data Rebels on Tap (Hashmap)Data Warrior – Snowflake, Data Modeling, Future of Analytics
2020Datascape Podcast (Pythian)Snowflake and the cloud
2020Data Innovation SummitPanel on Data and Advanced Analytics
2020Data Vault Alliance – partner panelData Lake, Data Vault, and Snowflake
2020Podcast Your Data (Interworks)Snowflake
2020Techie Leadership PodcastSnowflake
2020Techsylvania KeynoteChanging the Game with a Cloud Data Platform
2020Hashmap on Tap PodcastDiscuss new features, Data Cloud, Snowflake Ventures, Startup Challenge
2020The CubeThoughtspot, Snowflake and Data in the Cloud

More Videos

YearSeries/EventTitle/TopicLink to video
2020Data SuperHeros – Origins1st interview – with Guy Adams
2020Analytics Institute – SummitInterview on The Data Cloud
2020Data SuperHeros – OriginsInterview with Sonny Rivera
2020Data SuperHeros – OriginsInterview with Randy Pitcher
2020Data Vault UK User GroupWhy Snowflake’s latest features are great for Data Vault
2020Data SuperHeros – OriginsInterview with Daan Bakboord
2021Data Superheroes – OriginsInterview with Chris Hastie
2021Data Superheroes – OriginsInterview with Slim Baltagi
2021Data Superheroes – OriginsInterview with Holt Calder
2021Data Superheroes – OriginsInterview with Joyce Avila
2021DataOps Master Classwith DataOPs.live

Thought Leader Articles

YearTitleLink to article
2021A New Ethics of AI
2021Capitalizing on the Data Economy
2021The Annotated Data Architect Resume
2019CIOs: Are you Ready for the California Consumer Privacy Act?
2019“La nube es el futuro de la gestión de los datos”
2019Why the Self-Adapting Data Warehouse Is the Future
2019The Evolution of the Data Warehouse and the Future of Data Governance
2020Snowflake, COVID-19 and the Future of Data (Part 1)
2020The Philosophy of DataOps
2020Snowflake, COVID-19 and the Future of Data (Part 2)


YearBook TitleLink to ebook
2019How to Analyze JSON with SQL
20193 Benefits of a Self-Adapting Data Warehouse
20195 Best Practices for Data Warehouse Development
2019Data Modeling in the Age of JSON
20195 Steps to Successful Data Governance
2019Applying the Agile Manifesto To Your Data Warehousing Program
2019Five Ways DBAs must Change in the Next Two Years
20205 Critical Components for Successful Data Governance
2020Cloud Data Engineering for Dummies


YearBlog TitleLink to blog
2019How To Manage GDPR Compliance With Snowflake’s Time Travel And Disaster Recovery
20195 Business Needs That Fuel Data Warehouse Development
2019Data Modeling In The Age Of Json And Schema-on-read
20193 Rewards Of A Well-executed Data Governance Strategy
2019Agile Manifesto for Data Warehousing
2019Data Modeling Approach (formerly Data Vault on SF)
2019Cloud Data Warehousing – It’s Now & It’s Real! (guest blog)
20193 Trends that are transforming the role of the DBA
2019Data Vault Reference Architecture (community)
2020Tips for Optimizing the Data Vault Architecture on Snowflake (part 1)
2020Tips for Optimizing the Data Vault Architecture on Snowflake (part 2)
2020Tips for Optimizing the Data Vault Architecture on Snowflake (part 3)
2020CI/CD for Snowflake – Agility & Governance
2020Say Hello to the Data Cloud
2020Data Modeling in a post-COVID-19 world
2020Governing Cloud Data
2020Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2020
2020How Snowflake Founders Architected the Rise of the Data Cloud
2020Data Vault Automation with erwin and Snowflake
2020Snowflake and Net Zero
2021The Data Cloud Tour: Mobilize a World of Data
2021The Rise of DataOps
2021How to Strengthen Your Company’s Data Literacy
2021Datamation – Snowflake and the Enterprise Data Platform
2021Building a Real Time Data Vault in Snowflake
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