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Data Vault Offers

Welcome! If you found this page then that means you purchased my Agile Data Engineering book.


Right now there are no special offers other than what I listed in the book. If you hop over to the Data Vault Alliance site you will find a few e-learning options. If you use the code AGILEDW10 you can get 10% off any of these:

  • Loading the DV using Informatica
  • Video’s from the most recent WWDVC conferences:
    • 2018
    • 2019
    • 2021

And of course you should join the Data Vault Alliance today to stay up to date and carry on discussions with your peers. There are a lot of very experienced people out there that can help answer your implementation questions who have been there, and done that! Take a look at the conversations that are going on today and then sign up to participate yourself!

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