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Unlocking the Vault Podcast – What’s Coming in 2023

A few weeks back I was privileged to one of the guests on Dan Linstedt’s podcast, Unlocking the Vault, along with a bevy of other well know data visionaries, thought leaders, and practitioners.

Our topic was –  it’s 2023 and we’re swimming in buzzwords like data mesh, decentralization, data lake house, etc. What’s actually the next big thing that we should take seriously? Are we forgetting something obvious or leaving something behind?

We had quite the discussion on what we see happening in 2023, where the industry is going, agile, DataOps, and loads more.

Listen in!



The Data Warrior

P.S. If you enjoyed that discussion, lots more like that to come for an entire week at WWDVC 2023. It is not too late to sign up and join us in Stowe, Vermont! Register here today!

In-Person Conferences: Are They Worth It?

The Data Warrior Kent Graziano and DataRebels Owner, Cindi Meyersohn, are back for another conversation! Today, the topic of discussion is in-person conferences – in an ever-increasing virtual world, is there a benefit to traveling to be in-person?

Kent: Hey there Cindi, so we’re here talking about the benefits of in-person conferences. I’m going to just come out and state the obvious, that YES, being at events in-person is much more enjoyable and beneficial in general. The interactions with speakers live, the chance to ask questions and network, and the ability to share your thoughts with industry leaders – the value of those things should not be underestimated. We’ll circle back around to general discussion, but full disclosure, we’re talking specifically about one conference that’s coming up: the WWDVC 2023.

Cindi: Right Kent, it’s going to be the first week of May, so it’s coming up quickly! And DataVaultAlliance has a huge line up of who’s who in data analytics:

  • The father of data warehousing, Bill Inmon
  • Inventor of Data Vault, Dan Linstedt
  • The author of “An Introduction to Database Systems”, world-renowned specialist in relational database theory, CJ Date.

Check out the rest of the post, all the reasons I think we need to be in-person, and a DISCOUNT code for WWDVC, here.

See you soon (hopefully)!


The Data Warrior

Panel Discussion: Data Modeling in a Data Mesh World

Happy New Year y’all!

Last month I had the pleasure of chatting with two of my data modeling pals about how to think about data modeling in a #DataMesh architecture. The recording was hosted by the Data Mesh Learning Community in partnership with Data Mesh Radio.

Juha Korpela (Chief Product Officer at Ellie Technologies) facilitated this panel with Veronika Durgin (Head of Data at Saks) and myself (The Data Warrior). Watch (or listen) to learn why Veronika and I consider Data Vault to be the best choice available right now, why only focusing on the technical aspects of data modeling instead of the business will lead you astray, how to build in iterations, change management for data modeling, and much more!

Watch the video replay here: Panel: Data Modeling in Data Mesh

If you want to just listen, check out the podcast audio, which has some nice notes from Scott Hirleman from the Data Mesh Learning Community.



The Data Warrior

Data Vault and Data Governance, Pt. 2

Hey #DataVault fans! Here is another post that just came out about DV and governance – how are they related?

In part two of this blog series, we sit down with Kent Graziano and Cindi Meyersohn to dig a bit deeper on data governance and its relationship to data quality.

Cindi: Kent, we’ve already talked about data governance as it relates to security, now what about data quality?

Kent: It’s important to talk about the key aspects and benefits of data governance found in improved data quality, because if people can’t trust the data, then they’re not going to use the data.  No matter how sophisticated you get in loading your data, moving your data, transforming your data, displaying your data, if people don’t trust the quality of that data, then they’re not going to use it. 

The Data Vault architecture and methodology, above and beyond modeling, includes data quality in the approach, specifically related to TQM, which is vectorized total quality management, along with several other frameworks.  Particularly in Data Vault, you embrace the idea of having a continuous feedback loop on the data to the sources as part of the approach.  The inclusion of a continuous feedback loop should be a part of any planning and design of a Data Vault.

Check out the rest of the conversation here: Data Vault and Data Governance, Pt. 2



The Data Warrior

All new Data Vault Alliance Forums are open!

Great news for all fans and followers of #DataVault – Ask DVA forums are up and running!

You can sign up at

These all new forums are the sanctioned voice of DVA (Data Vault Alliance). That means you can expect the answers will be reviewed and in compliance with data vault standards and best practices as taught by Dan Linstedt and all the authorized DV 2.0 CDVP trainers. Hopefully this will help reduce confusion in the market and assist organizations in successfully applying the approach.

Other (important) details:

  • 100% free – to anyone and everyone
  • Anyone that has an account can: reply, or post a new topic.
  • 100% readable by guests – without ever creating an account
  • 100% moderated (by DVA for starters, by a few others that have already agreed to moderate)
  • Members can POST POLLS!!!

And better still, the forums are OPEN to both Business and Technical questions!!

You can expect answers to your toughest data vault questions through examples, best practices, and standards.

So why wait? Hop on now and take a minute to view the forums, sign up / register, and possibly ask or reply to questions.



The Data Warrior

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