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How many kinds of data models can you name?

When someone says they are building a data model, that can mean many different things to many different people. My long-time friend and mentor, Dave Hay, has produced a very helpful and detailed video called “Kinds of Data Models, and How to Name Them.”

It is very useful for not only beginning data modelers but for experienced folks too as it will make you think about the language you use when talking about data models.

Heck, this will be good for managers too – it will help you be much more specific when you are interviewing candidates for data model and data architecture positions.

And, best of all it is free for everyone to watch. Check it out here.

Post it, re-post it, Tweet it. You know the drill…



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One thought on “How many kinds of data models can you name?

  1. Hi Kent,

    Thanks for the awesome presentation with clear and simple definitions. It cleared so many of my questions, which I had on Data modeling concepts.

    A wonderful explanation especially on Architectural and semantic models.

    Again sincere thanks to you.


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