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Big Blunder means extended discount opportunity for Data Vault fans

Sometimes the best laid plans…they just don’t quite work out. Here’s what I mean:

If you were at my Data Vault session at the recent ODTUG KScope conference in San Antonio, you got a special code to enter at  to get $200 off the new online Data Vault Implementation training class. (For more on the training check out this post).

That deal was supposed to end this week on July 31st.


I was just informed that there was an error in the code on the BUY button.

Error in the code? Say it isn’t so! (Hey – I did not do the programming)

If you went to the link and put in the code you got some sort of an error message. If you forgot the code and just pushed the button you went to Dan’s offer to try the first module for only $7.00 (USD) – which is a really great deal on its own.

As you may imagine, I was not happy to hear that the Kscope participants were unable to get the discount I promised them and that there are only a few days left for this deal. 😦

So as compensation for this mistake, I was able to negotiate an extension of this offer until August 30th.

So that means you now have until August 30th to take advantage of the $200 discount.

Just go to and put in the secret code. All the details about the course are there on the page for you to review.

And don’t forget, Dan offers a 7 day, 100% money back guarantee.

So if you have been putting off investing in this course, you just got a 30 day reprieve to get the $200 discount.

Don’t waste it. There are not that many 2nd chances.


P.S., Since speakers at KScope do not get attendee lists and emails, I have no way to directly contact the folks who attended my session. So do me a favor, help me get the word out. Please re-post and tweet this to your networks so we can be sure no one misses out. Thanks a bunch.

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