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Oracle Designer Lives!

Amazing as it seems, I picked this article up on Twitter today.

An up to date, current, and NEW article about automating builds of applications from the Oracle Designer repository.

How very agile…

Thanks to all the gang over at AMIS ( for keeping the technology alive and for being innovative enough to adapt it for the modern agile development world.

Running Oracle Designer Generation from Ant and Hudson


Oracle Designer is a windows client-server development tool that is meant to be manually operated by a developer. Anyone trying to integrate Designer with an automatic build environment will find that it does not provide an API or a commandline version to kick-off any generation automatically.

There is however a hook that can be exploited by generating so-called GBU files directly from the Designer Repository. These GBU files are then fed to an executable called dwzrun61.exe that executes the actual generation of DDL scripts and forms.

This article describes how this can be done using examples from a real world situation. It shows how to generate the GBU files, the different strategies that can be followed and some of the pitfalls you might run into trying to pull this off yourself.

The code of the program we wrote can be found on here and is free to be adjusted to fit any other situation than ours.

via Running Oracle Designer Generation from Ant and Hudson.

If you want to meet some of the guys from AMIS and pick their brains, be sure to sign up for KScope13 and come meet them live in person.

See you there.


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3 thoughts on “Oracle Designer Lives!

  1. David on said:

    Thanks for the good read Kent.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Kent, this could only be from our Dutch friends! Don’t forget that Oracle will always have the right to change the GBU specification – just kidding, but the team lives on, elsewhere. In fact a few of the ‘old’ Designer Product Managers had a meet up in Dubai last weekend.

    All the best for KScope13


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