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Just a quick note to let everyone know that Dan Linstedt, (inventor of the Data Vault Model and Methodology) has announced that he will be teaching a live Data Vault 2.0 Certification Class on July 29th in St Albans, Vermont.

This class will cover all the new DV2.0 standards which incorporate big data, and NoSQL as options for implementation.

So do you have what it takes to become a Certified Data Vault Practitioner – CDVP2?

Check out these details:

Concepts that are covered include the following:

  • Implementation (ETL & SQL) best practices – structured, performance and restartability
  • Data Integration Strategies – real time, big data, and unstructured
  • Overview of Architecture – 3 tier systems architecture
  • Overview of Methodology – agile project planning & delivery
  • Overview of Data Vault Modeling – DV tables, patterns, business vault
  • Foundation of NoSQL & Big Data – where it fits, key structures, parallel loading
  • DV2.0 Methodology (Agility, Roles and Responsibilities, Architecture, CMMI Level 5)
  • DV2.0 Structure Changes
  • Managed Self Service BI
  • Loading Templates (including DV2.0 performance improvements)
  • Business Vault – introduction and overview, application & use

The new course relies heavily on the Super Charge your Data Warehouse book. Students must have completed reading the book before attending class. The class will spend minimal time covering the structural details of the Data Vault itself, and will focus more on the application of the Data Vault, the methodology (or project implementation), and the overall architecture. Including a look at managed self-service BI.

via Data Vault Certification | Class Descriptions.

Get the time, place, costs etc. on the Data Vault Certification site.

Join the elite ranks of certified Data Vault Practitioners.

Get certified!

Take care.


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