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Data Modeler 4.1.3 is OUT

New updated version of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is available with some important fixes.


The development team has been busy! 4.1.3 is now out and plenty of bugs fixed.

Bugs fixed (from the download pages):

22350565String index out of bounds exception while importing structured type method bodies
22311829Table report generating duplicate FK columns
22350611Cannot select relationship/foreign key line
22339253Change request report does not generate data in the report
22187312Error when running design rules using Data Modeler version

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5 thoughts on “Data Modeler 4.1.3 is OUT

  1. Sandra Stratton on said:

    Happy Holidays… I see it’s snowing in your virtual world!!!

  2. Daniel Upton on said:

    Hi Kent,
    When someone recently approached me about doing DW-BI data modeling in an Oracle environment, I wondered, as an Oracle newbie, how quickly I, as a SQL-Server Pro, could become productive with logical and/or physical modeling in an Oracle environment simply by getting up to speed on Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. My gut feel is that the logical modeling is a no-brainer, and that the physical modeling would require some study of things new to me, such as Oracle indexing, materialized views, and some undetermined list of other Oracle things I don’t know about.

    What are your thoughts, Kent?

    • Daniel, you would be up to speed very quickly! I did the reverse and used Data Modeler to build SQL Server data warehouses and ODS this last year. Let the tool figure out the syntax changes – just read the generated DDL. Get one of the Oracle books on data warehousing (or just read the data warehouse tuning guide online on OTN – ).

      Logical modeling is simple like you said with 3 options for diagram notation. Read my blogs and ebooks to get up to speed (or take my online video class on SDDM).

      You have the concepts and methodology nailed already which is way more important than the syntax for a create index statement, right? The skills will translate just fine.

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