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Are You Certifiable? 1st #DataVault 2.0 Bootcamp of the Year

A quick note for all the folks out there that have been contemplating diving deep into Dan Linstedt’s Data Vault 2.0 System of Business Intelligence.

Dan will be teaching a Data Vault 2.o Bootcamp in February! You can sign up here.

You’ve read the articles, read the blog posts (mine included), attended the talks at the conferences, maybe even read the Super Charge book…

Are you done trying to figure it out on your own?

Ready to not only learn how to do it right, but get certified as a Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner?

Well let’s get 2016 off to a great start and attend the 1st Data Vault 2.0 Bootcamp of 2016 in beautiful St. Albans, Vermont, taught by none other than the inventor of Data Vault, my good friend Dan Linstedt.

You could of course just buy the new book, and try it out on your own…

But if you are like me, you do much better when you can interact, face-to-face with a qualified instructor, ask the hard questions, and get the insights that will make you truly successful.

So why not invest in yourself and your future success? Go sign up now.

As an added incentive, Dan has added some brand new material.


Dan will be discussing DV2 on Hive / Hadoop, the benefits, pros and cons, some suggestions on how to build it and leverage it properly.  He will be talking about Satellites on HDFS, Hubs & Links on Hive.  He will discuss data modeling implications, and using SERDe definitions at query time.  This is the first time ever that this information will be presented in the DV2 class!

Make the commitment to a great 2016 now and go sign up before the class fills up. If you sign up before February 1st, you can save over $400!

To your success!


The Data Warrior

Data Vault Master and CDVP2

P.S. For you skiers, St. Albans is a short drive to both Stowe and Smuggler’s Notch – both great east coast ski areas and with the snow they just got the skiing will be epic. Go take the class, then reward yourself with a little weekend ski trip.

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5 thoughts on “Are You Certifiable? 1st #DataVault 2.0 Bootcamp of the Year

  1. Tom Carroll on said:

    Hi Kent, thanks for the notice. Question for you. I’m an independent consultant who has the book, has worked through several examples on my own, sees the value in Data Vault, and would love to get certified. However, it’s a big expense between the class and lost revenue while attending. I’m not seeing a whole lot of demand for Data Vault on the usual job boards, LinkedIn, etc. Where are the jobs? Just want to make sure I would be investing my time (and thus money) wisely. Thanks!

    • Actually, I tend to get contacted directly on LinkedIn based on having the Data Vault certification in my profile. Plus I found many data warehouse architect openings were for orgs that had not picked an architectural approach so in those cases I was able to influence the direction. The certification also allowed me to charge a higher rate even if they decided not to use data vault.

      I know it is expensive both in time and money but if you are independent you might be able to write off the expenses as continuing education.

      I actually had a discussion with another data vault consultant last week who said even when he was not able to implement pure data vault, what he learned in the class was very useful in coming up with the final solution that worked for his clients.

      • Tom Carroll on said:

        Thanks very much, Kent. I’ll crunch the numbers a little harder….

      • Tom Carroll on said:

        Hey Kent, one more thing. I know you have a new gig with Snowflake (congrats!). Does this mean you won’t be doing DV classes in 2016? Or any time in the forseeable future?

  2. Good point Tom! Yes I do not anticipate teaching any Data Vault classes myself anytime soon. More than enough work to do for Snowflake. Though I am of course talking to our customers about implementing DV in Snowflake. (And yes there will be a blog post or two on that in the future).

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