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A New Limerick to start your week…

This was an assignment my son did for his 3rd grade class. They were studying styles of poetry. This one he was proud of and asked me to publish for him. Enjoy.

A New Limerick

by Biaggio Graziano (copyright 2013 all rights reserved)

Once there was a dog and a frog

They live in a log in a bog

With a bird named Bob

Who has no job

They all have a big blog


NaBloPoMo is here! Need some inspiration?

Well who knew?

An entire month devoted to blogging.

As if bloggers needed MORE reasons to post their thoughts…

And just in case you have no useful thoughts, WordPress provided this post with tons of links and ideas.

If you are not a blogger, but have been thinking about it, November is the month to start.

Get typing!

Kent News

It’s November 1st, and National Blog Posting Month–NaBloPoMo–is upon us. Time to put your thinking cap on, fire up the computer, chug some extra coffee, and get a-postin’! Bookmark these resources for days when you need a little something extra, and leave a link to your site in the comments so other NaBloPoMo participants on can find you.

On The Daily Post…

A new writing prompt goes up at The Daily Post every weekday at 11AM EST (we also tweet them out on the @freshly_pressed handle). If you need additional inspiration, head over to Plinky.

Weekly writing and photo challenges give you two more opportunities a week to be part of NaBloPoMo and deepen your participation in the community. Browse past challenges for even more ideas.

Take inspiration from fellow bloggers: you can start by taking a look at our Focus On posts, which highlight blogs and…

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Happy 4th of July!

To all my readers, friends, and colleagues in the USA, I wish you a happy and relaxing 4th of July!

Fly your American flag with pride!

Remember all the members of our armed forces, at home and abroad, who fight to protect our freedom.

Remember those who gave their lives in service of our country. They made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our children.

Enjoy a parade and the fireworks.

And remember.

Be thankful for all you have and that you live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Honor Guard at 4th of July parade, The Woodlands, TX



P.S. It is an election year so be sure you are registered to vote. It is your right and your duty. Many have died to insure you have that right. Don’t waste it.

Happy New Year and Welcome!

Well, I finally did it – I started a blog.  Figured it was time and a good way to start the New Year off.

The site will likely change over the next few weeks and months as I learn more about WordPress, so bear with me and just consider it a work in progress.

So what will I talk about? As the blog sub-title indicates, topics will vary. Expect to see things in these areas:

  • All things related to Oracle Corp and Oracle products (including Oracle Racing)
  • Oracle-related User Groups (like ODTUG and RMOUG)
  • Data modeling
  • Data warehousing
  • Dan Linstedt’s Data Vault Data Modeling Technique
  • Martial Arts (TaeKwonDo, Tai Chi, Combat Hapkido and more)
  • Health and Fitness (including Chi Gung and Yoga)
  • My Life and Career
  • Whatever else I feel like discussing

So to start out I am actually going to refer you to two articles I recently wrote for the ODTUG Kscope site (where I am the Fitness Guru).  They are Becoming an Oracle Warrior  and Becoming an Oracle Warrior, Part 2. (These were the inspiration for the name of this blog)

I hope these two articles will help you get 2012 off to a healthy start.

Happy New Year from Texas!

Later gang.


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