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Fire Sale #2: Loading Your Data Vault with Informatica

As I mentioned the other day, Dan and Sanjay have been hard at work re-vamping the Learn Data Vault site and have relaunched it. In celebration they are offering amazing deals on their world class Data Vault Implementation classes.

The 2nd course that is ready to go is Implementing Data Vault with Informatica. This online course walks you through the details of implementing a Data Vault-based data warehouse using Informatica. It includes a ton of examples and templates that you can use in your own ETL work to make it very easy to crank out your load processes.

You can see the full outline for all the topics and modules here.

The Deal

So the deal is that originally the Retail Price was  $1,497. But right now with the re-launched site, this class is marked down to $997  for a short time (a savings of $500). The price will eventually go back to the higher price.

The Better Deal: A Fire Sale

Starting today until February 15th, Learn Data Vault is having a Fire Sale! You can take another $500 off with this special Data Warrior Coupon Code:  DWFS500OFF.

So with the mark down price plus my coupon you can get the Data Vault Informatica Implementation class for only $497 (a savings of $1,000).

But remember is is only good until February 15 (1 week from today!).

So please sign up ASAP before the coupon code expires.

Data Vault Rules!

Happy Coding!

Kent, The Data Warrior

Data Vault Master (CDVDM, CDVP2)

Data Vault Informatica Class is Live!

Just a quick note to let you all know that Dan has finally released the class on how to easily implement a Data Vault using Informatica.

I wrote about the class here.

I have gone through a few of the lessons already and can tell you the instruction is very clear and easy to follow (even for me!) and the audio and video is excellent. The audio seems to come on a bit load so just be sure you have your volume turned down a bit when you start the videos.

And there is a money back guarantee if for some reason you decide the class is not for you.

If you did not get on Dan’s early notice list you can still sign up by going directly here:

And, since you are a reader of my blog, if you sign up in the next few weeks and enter the coupon code DATAWARRIOR13, you can get $100 off !

So if you use Informatica and plan to do a Data Vault, you owe it to yourself to take a look at this course.

Take care.


How to Use Informatica to Build a Data Vault

Yes, its true – you will soon be able to get online training on how to build a Data Vault data warehouse using Informatica.

Dan Linstedt has been working hard for several months now to put together some top notch training for all you who use Informatica.

Dan will teach you all his best practices for getting the job done quickly using Informatica for your ETL tool.

If you want in, it’s not too late to get on the VIP early notification (which entitle you some discounts). Get in on the list here.

Here are a few common questions that Dan recently answered:

Q. What are the pre-requisties?
A. You must know Informatica PowerCenter and Data Vault modeling basics. The training works with Informatica PowerCenter v8.x and v9.x, but the mappings will only import to version 9.x or higher.

Q. Do I need access to an Informatica installation?
A. You will, if you want to do any of the hands on portions. We can’t help you with this. They used to provide a limited developer edition with a devnet membership, but that seems to have been discontinued.

Q. Will I learn Informatica PowerCenter?
A. No! This course assumes, you have at least 3 months experience in Informatica and know the difference between mapping, session and workflow objects. If you’ve never worked with Informatica tools, then we recommend that you DO NOT invest in it.

Q. Do I need to know Data Vault Modeling?
A. Yes, and the knowledge in the book “Super Charge your Data Warehouse” is sufficient for the course. It’s better if you have  more hands on experience though.

Q. Would it benefit me if I’ve gone through  the Data Vault Implementation and Best Practices course?
A. Yes.

Want to know more? Check out this video that has more details about the class and what it covers.

That’s it for now.



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