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The Simple Fitness Habit Holiday Challenge from @zen_habits

One of my favorite non-tech bloggers is Leo Babuta over at This post came up yesterday and caught my eye.


I had just been at my weekly yoga class and was a bit bummed out looking in the mirror at the profile of my not-so-slim-anymore belly while doing Warrior 2.

Not a pretty picture. 😦

To be a good warrior of any kind it really helps to stay in shape. And, like every year this time, I do think about such things as I contemplate all the yummy treats headed my way.

I really could stand to loose a few pounds here (definitely before Christmas), but have been pretty unsuccessful doing so in the past few years.

The older I get, the easier they go on, the harder they come off. It’s a fact of life.

Then I see Leo’s post and think – hmm maybe this will get me going in the right direction. He made it a challenge, and who is not motivated by challenge eh?

So here is the intro for my fellow warriors to peruse.

The SFH Holiday Challenge

We recently announced our holiday challenge to SFH members, and today I’m sharing it with you guys too.

What’s the challenge about? Basically, sticking to rules you create to stay healthy during the holidays — not gaining all that holiday weight, and maybe getting leaner and healthier in the process.

How does it work?

  1. Choose an eating habit. We have several suggestions, from No White Foods to our Mindful Diet to a vegan diet, but what you choose is up to you.
  2. Choose an exercise challenge. Again, it’s up to you, though we have a couple of suggestions here.
  3. Make a big public commitment. Announce it big time.
  4. Stay accountable. Check in daily or as often as you have time for. This will help you stick to the challenge.

Sound good? Read more here.

Read the entire post here:  The Simple Fitness Habit Holiday Challenge : zenhabits.

Once you click through everything, you will get to all the details. One of the suggestions is a push up challenge for the exercise piece. Since I already walk most days at lunch I decided to try that one out.

This morning I did the the initial test and pulled off 30 good-form pushups in a row.

In a few days I will start the program based on that result. Looks like I get to skip all the way to the week 3 program!  Wow.

So who else is will join me in this Data Warrior Challenge?

Leave a comment below to let us know who will give it a shot (that counts as #3 above – public commitment).

Let’s get in better shape so we can start 2014 in prime form!

Pil Sung!


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