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RMOUG Training Days 2013 – Day 1

Unlike many conferences, today started off not with the keynote but with an actual session (probably some advanced psychology at work here). ūüôā

I started off with John King’s session on Oracle 11g features that developers should know about. (He was going to talk about 12c but since it has not been released yet, he could not speak about it)

John King giving Session 1 at RMOUG 2013

John King giving Session 1 at RMOUG 2013

John is a great speaker and gave us some very detailed information.

One very interesting piece to me, as a data modeler and data warehouse designer, was the addition of Virtual Columns. With this you can declare a virtual, calculated/derived column to be part of a table definition. With this you can define a calculation once and have it appear when querying the table without actually physically adding a column to the table. Looks promising.

John told us about lots of new things like Pivot, Unpivot, Results Cache, PL/SQL Results cache and Nth Value functions. Some of them are shown in the following pictures.



Example of UNPIVOT

Example of UNPIVOT

Another cool SQL Function: Nth Value

Another cool SQL Function: Nth Value

All neat options I did not really know about.

Next up was the keynote speech by Mogens Norgaard from Denmark. Mogens is an ACE Director, CEO of his own consulting firm, and a brew master. Interesting guy.

He showed up in his bathrobe to talk to us all about how the smartphone is taking over  the world and all the cool apps you could build (and some he has built).

Mogens Norgaard in his keynote best.

Mogens Norgaard in his keynote best.

Next was my turn – my first session of the conference – 5 Ways to Make Data Modeling Fun (based on a blog post).

I was pleasantly surprised that I had 40-50 people attend and most stayed for the whole talk. It was a good, interactive session. My good buddy Jon Arnold assisted me in administering some of the activities. It was great fun getting the attendees to actually collaborate on activities during a session.

Great participant collaboration during my talk

Great participant collaboration during my talk

As promised, I did give out prizes for some of the activities (all branded Data Warrior LLC stuff).

Next was the ACE Director networking lunch where they put our names on tables so people could sit with us to ask questions (if they wanted too).

Networking Lunch

Networking Lunch

After lunch we some vendor sessions (which I skipped) and several panel discussions. These included the Women in Technology Panel and an Oracle Career Roundtable.

Women in Technology Panel

Women in Technology Panel

Oracle Careers Roundtable

Oracle Careers Roundtable

Anyone notice that the Women in Tech had one male on the panel but the Oracle Career panel had no women? Just sayin’ folks…

Next I sat in for part of a session on Oralce TimesTem database for real-time BI. It turned out to be the same stuff I heard at Oracle Open World so I did not stay.

Last for my day at RMOUG was my joint session with Stewart Bryson on Data Vault and OBIEE. Unfortunately due to the late slot (5:15 PM) we had a very low turn out. ūüė¶ But is was a good session as I discovered all the things Stewart learned trying to use the data vault model for virtualizing the data mart layer (in OBIEE). It was all very good and reinforced my belief that Data Vault is a great way to model an EDW and that non-data vault people could understand it and apply it to dimensional modeling (or that Stewart is really exceptional).

Adios for now.


P.S. Forgot to mention again that I will be conducting another morning Chi Gung class at & AM above the registration area. Please join!

Oracle OpenWorld 2012: User Group Sunday

Yes, today was the first day for #OOW 2012.¬†Affectionately¬†known to many of us as User Group Sunday. Along with a ton of other activities, this is the day the various Oracle user groups get to “own” the agenda and put together the sessions they think Oracle customers, and their members, might want to see.

By users; for users.

For the 2nd year, ¬†ODTUG asked me to curate their agenda. I was fortunate enough to “recruit” some great track leads who invited and vetted speakers and sessions to fill five rooms for most of the day. It was quite successful. (Thanks for the hard work guys.)

I attended quite a few myself and captured a few photos and thoughts. I was tweeting all day so you can also go to Twitter and search on @Kentgraziano to see my twitter stream.

After checking in at the User Group kiosk, I went to my first session given by Gwen Shapira and Robyn Sands who spoke about¬†Flexible¬†Design¬†and Data Modeling. Great topic. They gave some very practical advice on do’s and don’t if¬†you¬†want¬†to¬†be more agile.

“Just good enough” does not scale.

Plan for Change

Worst Practices for Database Design

If you want some more modeling best practices, check out my ebook on Amazon:

Next I went on to see Kellyn Pot’vin and Stewart Bryson do a DBA vs Developers show down with No Surprises Development.

Release Planning Questions

Best advice – practice your deployments several times before going live…

Next: Guy Harrison talked about Hadoop, Bug Data, and Exadata. This was a very helpful intro talk about the space. I have been trying to wrap my mind around Hadoop, NoSQL, unstructured data, etc. and how we deal with it. Lots of great diagrams and examples to help explain.

Google’s Software Architecture

The Hadoop Ecosystem

Sigh…more to learn.

Next was a very interesting session by Mark Rittman about the Oracle Endeca software and how it can be used in a BI environment and how it compliments OBIEE.

This gives a quick view of what is involved with the Oracle Endeca Platform.

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Platform

It looks like a very interesting platform that uses key value pairs to store the data. This enables search and analytics on some realtively unstructured data stores (i.e., not relational tables)

Final talk of the day (for me) was Jon Mead telling us about how they helped a customer develop event driven analytics using ODI and OBIEE and the Oracle Reference Architecture for data warehousing.

After all this, a  little break and networking, then on to the opening keynote.

It started with the Corporate Sr VP of Fujitsu  who talked about some cloud applications they have deployed in Japan. They have the Agricultural Cloud project to help farmers be more efficient and bring more and better crops to market. They also have developed a Healthcare Cloud Service for optimizing patient care and early diagnosis.

Very cool cloud applications.

Last up was CEO, Lary Ellison who announced Oracle 12c and Pluggable Databases (to support cloud deployments). I had heard about these (under NDA) at the Ace Directors meeting so now I can share a few pictures related to those since it is now public information.

Oracle 12c

Bigger, badder, faster…

Oracle Cloud Ecosystem

Pluggable Database Architecture

With PDB, you can develop a plug and play database. Many cool applications for this one.

To end out the day, I went to the 9th annual Oracle ACE dinner hosted by Oracle at the St Francis Yacht Club. Great food, drinks, and networking was had by all. Then back to the hotel to write this blog post.

Now off to bed so I can swim the bay with some other crazy people tomorrow morning. Wish me luck. Brrr.



Oracle ACE Director Meeting: Day 2

So the 2nd day was as filled with brainiac conversations as day one…and most hush hush under NDA.

However, I was able to get shots of a few more slides today that were not under NDA.

First, here is the agenda. Sadly the Exadata session got canceled. ūüė¶

Day 2 Agenda

Oracle has been recognized in the Gartner Magic quadrants in several areas related to integration & SOA.

You will see this as a major theme at OOW2012 – “Integration Everywhere”. Lots of sessions related to apps and the cloud.

Well, you have to have something about Big Data. What is Big Data? Opinions vary. At OOW you will hear that there is Big and there is Fast. Oracle believes they have constructed solutions that handle both.

Have you heard about Oracle Golden Gate? I have. My current client even did a pretty decent POC on it. Basically it is the newest approach to streaming and replicating data for a variety of use cases. It does replace Oracle Streams as the approach of choice for real and near-real time data movement.

The evolution of Oracle Portal – meet Oracle WebCenter.

My good friend JP came an talked to us about Big Data and did this great drawing about the architectures and where all the parts, tools, and engineered systems fit in the overall picture. Pretty cool. As you see below Рno PowerPoint slides were used. Instead he used a tool called Paper Show and drew as he talked (like the old days with transparencies).

JP and his Big Data Picture

Here is just a shot of all the ACE Directors hard at work listening to a session, asking questions, pondering, taking notes, pictures, and of course Tweeting up a storm.

Oracle ACE Directors at Work

So that is it for my very first ACE Director meeting. Thanks to OTN and Oracle for putting this on and letting me participate. Quite the learning experience.

On to OOW and the Oracle Music Festival (with a rest for my brain first on Saturday).

I’ll give you another update in a few days (and maybe fill in a few blanks)



ACE Director and Oracle Data Warrior

If I tell ya…Oracle ACE Director meeting: Day 1


This is my first time at an ACE Director product briefing and it is pretty amazing. It is a who’s who of Oracle talent from around the globe getting updated by Oracle execs and product management.

I feel very privileged to be part of it.

Lots of cool things coming your way, but until it is all public next week at OOW 2012, well…I can’t tell you much. NDA and all. Sorry.

I think I am safe showing you the topics and presenters:

Agenda Day 1

And here is a picture of me and my longtime friend and colleague Rich Niemiec, world-class DBA extraordinaire. This was in front of the main Oracle buildings in California, and the old Oracle racing yacht early this morning before the meeting started. I had not been on the Oracle campus in a very long time.

Kent and Rich at Oracle HQ

Here is one cool slide I can share. It shows the oracle Fusion Apps that Red Robin has implemented. Not that I care that much about Oracle Apps, but I do like to eat at red Robin. ūüôā

It was a great day. My brain is tired.

More stuff tomorrow. Then downtown to prep for OOW 2012.

Stay tuned to this bat channel…


P.S. Check out this infographic about Oracle OpenWorld. Huge!

Five Days Only – Get it Free: A Check List for Doing Data Model Design Reviews

Later this week I travel to Oracle HQ for my first product briefing as an Oracle ACE Director. In celebration of this momentous event, I have decided to give all me readers and followers a gift:

For the next five days (Sept 24 Р28, 2012), my first solo Kindle book will be ON SALE for the low, low price of FREE!

Don’t delay. You can get it here:¬†A Check List for Doing Data Model Design Reviews: Kent Graziano: Kindle Store.

In case you missed my earlier post about the book, here is a brief description:

Tired of crappy data models and whiney data modelers? Need to deliver a high quality design in a short period of time? Need a better way to enforce standards? As part of trying to be more ‚Äúagile‚ÄĚ in my approach to developing databases, I have adopted a concept from the agile world: peer reviews. Before any data model moves from analysis (logical model) into development (physical model), the development team needs to gather to review what the modeler has done. If the model passes the review (almost never on the first round), the physical model is constructed. The physical model is then subjected to a rigorous review as well (including metadata). Only then can DDL be produced and deployed. This guide book will discuss the actual modeling and design process I follow and give you a check list of questions to ask in any model review session. This is a ‚Äútake no prisoners‚ÄĚ approach that has left many a would-be data modeler in a withering heap, but in the end you will have solid models and designs that deliver value.

The book has been doing pretty good (sells for $2.99 normally) but it¬†could¬†do better. ūüėȬ†Currently it is #32 if¬†you¬†search for Data Modeling under¬†Kindle¬†ebooks.

Will you help me get it into the top 10?

[ Update: as of Sept 24, 2012 at 12:45 PM CDT the book is now #2 in the Kindle store for Databases! Thanks everyone. Let’s keep it rollin’]

[ Update #2: as of Sept 25, 2012 at 12:45 PM CDT the book is now #1 in the Kindle store for Databases! How long can we keep it there?]

Head on over to Amazon and get it today: A Check List for Doing Data Model Design Reviews.

Thanks a bunch. Hope you can put the information to good use.

Oracle ACE Director


P.S. Do me another favor? After you get the book (for FREE), please log back into Amazon and leave a review so other data modelers know if it is a worthwhile book for them to read.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to like this post! And click the Follow button (upper right) if you want to get my posts sent to¬†your¬†email¬†directly.

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