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Get Rich and Happy For Less | How to Be Rich and Happy

<Note: This is a promotional/guest posting from Tim Brownson’s blog How to Be Rich and Happy. I have read this book and loved it (hence the button to order this book in my sidebar). Very straightforward and easy to read with lots of great advice and practical worksheets/exercies. Plus they have a great “change the world” story. For the price offered below, there is really no reason not get it and read it, unless you are already as rich and happy as you want to be. KG>

To celebrate the triple launch of How To Be Rich and Happy in Netherlands, Germany and Taiwan (see photo of the cover) and with Germany and China imminent, we’re slashing the price for a limited period.

The hard copy in English is currently only available on this site and retails for $25. As I’m sure you know all that money goes into printing copies of the book to give to good causes, John and I don’t take a penny out for ourselves.

Until February 14th (I know, we’re such romantics) you can grab it for just $10 plus shipping.

The PDF version sells for $19 and you can grab that for a measly $4, or a tad less than a venti soy latte from your favorite purveyor of fine ground beans.

All you need to do is click on the Buy Now button, choose which version you want and then enter coupon code “justask” at checkout.

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