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Oracle OpenWorld Day 3

Another one for the books…

As before you can see a bunch of my activities on twitter (@kentgraziano and #oow). I posted a few pictures throughout the day.

For the first time I got to watch two keynotes live without being in the cavern of a hall for four hours. Actually sat outside in the shade in Yerba Buena Gardens and watched it all on a really big screen.

Lots of  “cloud” talk from Oracle and its partners. CEO Larry E did a cool presentation or real-time analytics on 4.9 billion tweets gathered for the 5 days following the summer Olympic games. It was quite interesting to see the analysis of structured and unstructured data together in a drillable dashboard environment.

And it was…you guessed it…all in the cloud.

Big Data meets Big Iron

Pretty good slogan…guess for doing big data analysis you will need some pretty hefty hardware too…

Also attended two of Jeff Smith’s (@thatJeffSmith) presentations. One on collaborative model development with SQL Developer Data Modeler (my personal favorite) and one on SQL Developer Tips and Tricks (mostly tips).

Source control in SDDM

I also got in the tail end of a session on Pluggable Databases (PDB). Got some really nice summary slides (be sure to click on them and zoom so you can read them). Lots of great details on how PDB works and what it can and cannot do.

All about pluggable database


The details on PDB

After the second keynote it was over to the OTN Lounge for the first ever Tweet Meet. It was designed to let people meet the person behind the twitter handle. I think it was a good success with a great turn out. We even got one of the OTN guys to create his own twitter account so he could follow the Oracle Aces and Ace Directors more easily.

Finally dinner in North Beach with some friends at the Stinking Rose. This has become an annual tradition.

After dinner I did manage to catch the last set from Joss Stone performing in Union Square. That pretty much rocked. Glad I went.

Tomorrow night the BIG appreciation event: Pearl Jam (if I remember to pick up my wristband to get in).



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2 thoughts on “Oracle OpenWorld Day 3

  1. Tell me if they play the quintessential misheard lyrics song, Yellow Ledbetter. These days I prefer the song it riffs off of, Hendrix or SRV’s Little Wing. The day I got an old new car in high school, the song I cranked on that joyful Day 1 with the windows down was from Pearl Jam’s No Code album:

  2. Big data?

    Interesting post from Stephen Few that rings true for me, at least:

    Click to access big_data_big_ruse.pdf

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