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Standards? We Don’t Need No Stinking Standards!

Well, actually we do need standards.

Especially if we want to have any consistency in the systems we develop, or the models we build.

For years people in the data warehouse arena have literally begged Dan Linstedt, inventor of the Data Vault Model and Methodology, to create books and training materials on Data Vault.

They wanted to know how he got the results he was getting for his clients.

They wanted to understand how to properly build a Data Vault.

They wanted STANDARDS.

Well, ask and ye shall receive.

Recently Dan put this on his blog:

For many many years I have written and maintained Data Vault Standards v1.x.  Well, I’ve released them on Amazon for you.  These are the DV1.0 Standards, and are the same standards document I used to hand out in my certification classes.

Apparently there are folks out there who either don’t know about the standards, or who have had some confusion over the fact that there ever were standards.

I wanted to make it free – but unfortunately I was not able to do that.  So, I’ve made the price to be $0.99 USD on Amazon.  Again, these are Data Vault 1.0 Modeling Standards and Data Vault 1.0 Loading Standards.

via Data Vault Modeling & Methodology – Data Vault 1.0 Modeling and Loading Standards.

So there you have it – the official standards for Data Vault 1.0.

Go get ’em here.

Read ’em.

Use ’em.

Your data warehouse will thank you.


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