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List of Top Data Vault Resources (UPDATED 2016)

As I finished out my latest contract, my team mates wanted to know where they could go to get their data vault questions answered (besides emailing me!).

So I put together this list for them and figured the readers of my blog would probably like to see the same list.

Here it is!

My Stuff

Introduction to Data Vault 1.0 (pdf):


Intro to Agile Data Engineering Using Data Vault 2.0


Introduction to  Data Vault and Why Data Vault?  (ppt):

Dan’s Data Vault Books

The NEW Data Vault 2.0 Book:

The Data Vault Modeling book (DV 1.0):

The Data Vault Modeling book – Kindle version:

The Data Vault Modeling book – downloadable PDF version:

Data Vault Implementation using Pentaho (DV 1.0):

Around the Web

Dan has two online classes for Implementing Data Vault (1.0):

  1. Using Informatica. You can see that here.
  2. Using SQL. You can see that here.

Dan’s main site and blog – Subscribe to this to get email updates/announcements regarding data vault:

Best overall source of Q&A – Data Vault Discussion group on LinkedIn:

Martin Evers,  data vault expert from Europe,  (just one of his articles) :

On YouTube

Data Vault videos from Dan (and Sanjay):

Older videos (includes RapidACE demo):

Data Vault Architecture:  (BTW – turn the volume down first. The “theme” music is loud)

Well that’s the main ones for now.

What’s your favorite?



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