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Oracle OpenWorld 2013: Recap Part 2

For those that missed this year’s event, here is another little recap complete with links to all the relevant details.

Thanks to the folks at Oracle for giving me permission to re-blog this post! ( I apologize in advance for some of the funky formatting)




  • Major Announcements: The SPARC M5-32 and Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 Oracle’s new systems dramatically redefine the price/performance equation in the high-end server market, offering customers entry-level price/performance, while maintaining extreme performance and the highest levels of availability. SPARC M6-32 servers with up to 32 terabytes of memory and up to 384 processor cores can run entire applications and databases in-memory to deliver unprecedented performance. Oracle SuperCluster M6-32 is Oracle’s fastest and most scalable engineered system and integrates SPARC M6-32 servers with Oracle Exadata Storage Servers optimized for Oracle Database performance. Read the Press Release:
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance Incorporating Big Data into your enterprise can result in opportunities to transform your business, but the growing volume and complexity of big data can also pose a challenge. Through Oracle’s Unified Information Architecture, customers can easily and cost-effectively integrate Hadoop and NoSQL platforms with their data warehousing and business analytics solutions to maximize the value of big data. While Hadoop provides a scalable foundation for Big Data projects, the lack of built-in security has been an obstacle for many enterprises. To meet this need, Oracle has enhanced the Oracle Big Data Appliance to include enterprise-class security capabilities for Hadoop. Oracle is also announcing new versions of Oracle Big Data Connectors and Oracle NoSQL Database, which provide enhanced functionality, performance, and scalability. Read the Press Release:
  • Oracle Exalytics T5-8 Scales Up to Deliver Customers with Analytic Insights: With the ever-increasing volume, scale and scope of business data, organizations need to quickly turn high-velocity data into actionable insights to gain a competitive edge. To extract the maximum value from this very dynamic data, organizations must process data faster and take timely action. Oracle Exalytics In-Memory MachineT5-8, the new engineered system with 4TB of memory per machine, delivers extreme performance for business intelligence (BI) and enterprise performance management (EPM) applications, helping organizations drive better efficiency by speeding answers to complex business scenarios. Read the Press Release:
  • Oracle DB Backup Logging Recovery Appliance Unveiled at OpenWorld 2013 in San Francisco, Oracle DB Backup Logging Recovery Appliance answers the demand for total data protection without the loss of application performance or availability. The new product helps business users prevent data loss, avoid long restore downtimes, and protect against system slowdowns during backups. Read the Press Release Watch Larry Ellison Announces Oracle DBLRA Get the Executive Brief (PDF)
  • Oracle DB In-Memory Option for Oracle DB 12c Discovering meaningful insight from a mountain of information is the core Big Data challenge. The new Oracle Database In-Memory Option for Oracle Database 12c dramatically accelerates database performance, enabling new business insights, real-time decision-making, and much faster online transaction processing response times without changes to existing applications. Using the Oracle Database In-Memory Option, decades of IT investments become immediately more valuable. Read the Press Release:
  • Enhanced In-Memory Applications with New Oracle DB In-Memory Option Speed and agility define today’s global economy. Traditional transactional systems generate incredible amounts of useful data but require batch, manual, or separate system processing to analyze and immediately present data visually for business decisions. Processing power has improved significantly and can speed the performance of business critical applications, but has not been leveraged to generate complex data analysis in real-time to make sound decisions and solve critical business problems. Read the Press Release:
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud: New, Fully Integrated Digital and Social Solution Managing digital marketing and social efforts separately make it difficult for marketers to deliver a compelling and consistent experience at every touch point. To address this challenge, Oracle Marketing Cloud announced further integration between Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive, scalable, and integrated modern marketing solution. The enhanced profiling, social analytics, tracking, publishing, and custom targeting capabilities will help modern marketers better understand, target, engage, convert, and analyze target audiences. Read the Press Release:
  1. New Cloud Services
  • Database as a Service, Java as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service: Oracle powers the top 10 SaaS providers, thousands of SaaS applications, and many of the world’s private clouds. All of these rely on a robust cloud platform that provides applications with rich functionality with high performance, elasticity, availability and security. To support a wider variety of workloads, Oracle introduced new Oracle Cloud services: Oracle Database as a Service, Oracle Java as a Service, and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service.
  • 10 New Services to Expand the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Cloud Portfolio: As organizations of all sizes move more of their information systems to the cloud, Oracle is expanding the number of Oracle Cloud services to strengthen its position as the industry’s most comprehensive public cloud. Oracle Cloud offers a broad range of modern, functionally rich and integrated services running in a secure, enterprise and standards-based cloud platform. With new Application, Platform, and Infrastructure Services announced today, Oracle is helping customers and partners further capitalize on the power of cloud computing.
  • New Global Cloud Marketplace Gives Partners an Opportunity to Reach Oracle Customers: With the proliferation of cloud, mobile, and social technologies, organizations want easy access to innovative, trusted business applications. To meet this demand from customers and create new opportunities for partners, Oracle has introduced the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Featuring more than 100 business applications developed by Oracle partners, the Oracle Cloud Marketplace enables Oracle Cloud customers to easily browse, evaluate, and buy trusted business applications. Leveraging Oracle Cloud Platform Services, Oracle partners can quickly build applications, extend, and integrate with Oracle SaaS applications, and publish their applications on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to reach Oracle customers.
  • Roadmap for Nimbula Director and OpenStack API Integration with Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud: The integration of Nimbula Director into Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud will enable customers and service providers to deploy an open, standards-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) foundation with proven breakthrough application performance for Java, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Applications. This highly scalable, self-healing and resilient cloud infrastructure will scale from a single Oracle Exalogic rack to thousands of virtual machines and many racks. Leveraging OpenStack and other open industry standards, Oracle Exalogic will deliver a high performance cloud solution that more seamlessly integrates into customers’ existing data centers.
  • Oracle Simplifies Enterprise Mobile Application Development with Mobile Platform in the Cloud: As business demands have increased and the workforce has become more mobile, the need for enterprises to ensure users are connected via any device to their enterprise applications, at any time has become more critical. Oracle’s Mobile Platform addresses this challenge by simplifying application development and allowing developers to securely create and deliver more compelling user experiences. By simplifying this process, enterprises can maximize IT investments and lower application development costs
  • Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Cloud Service Helps Enterprises Deliver and Monetize Innovative New Product Offerings and Capture Recurring Revenue Streams: Oracle unveiled Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Cloud Service to provide enterprises with a robust and highly scalable billing solution to capture recurring revenues from new digital services. This advanced cloud billing service is suited for multiple industries including financial services, media, and communications; and offers sophisticated subscription management and rating using any combination of measurable metrics including usage, time of day, length of use, delivery method, device, medium, volume, and the like
  • Oracle Exalytics Enables Customers Worldwide to Quickly Uncover Business Insights: Organizations that derive actionable, real-time insights from unified business data can capitalize on innovation and efficiencies that deliver a competitive edge. Built using industry-standard hardware, market-leading business intelligence software and in-memory database technology, Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine is an engineered system that delivers answers to business questions with unmatched speed, intelligence and simplicity. Customers around the world continue to rapidly adopt Oracle Exalytics to uncover their business answers, faster.
  • Oracle Empowers Modern Workforce with Cutting Edge Mobile Applications Across Entire Enterprise Application Portfolio: Organizations across all industries are increasingly looking for robust and powerful applications that are tailored to mobile devices and can provide their people with anywhere, anytime access to enterprise information. To give the mobile workforce access to mission- critical information at their fingertips, Oracle has developed a wide range of cutting-edge mobile capabilities. By giving organizations a huge choice of out-of-the-box mobile applications, as well as the option of leveraging Oracle’s Mobile platform to develop their own mobile applications, Oracle is empowering the mobile workforce for organizations across the world.
  • Oracle Achieves New World Record with SPECjEnterprise2010 Benchmark in Virtualized Environment: Further demonstrating extreme performance, Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database running virtualized on a single Oracle SPARC T5-8 server have achieved a new world record result. The SPECjEnterprise2010 benchmark beats IBM’s Power7+ benchmark, also running on a single virtualized server.
  • Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle Talent Management Cloud Updates Advance Its Vision for the Future of Work: To help manage the complex and evolving role of HR, businesses are turning to modern HR technologies as a way to develop an efficient and productive workforce that positively impacts the bottom line. Oracle announced significant enhancements to the world’s most complete cloud-enabled HCM solution including core HR, benefits, payroll, recruiting, performance management, and learning. Updates to Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud and Oracle Talent Management Cloud support the changing workplace by delivering a more interactive, social and mobile employee experience across our global workforce and talent solutions for global HR, workforce rewards and optimization, recruiting, talent management, performance management, succession planning, and learning management.


General Availability of JDE Release 9.1 Update 2

  • Featuring innovative solutions that focus on Mobility, Industry, and User Productivity
  • New smartphone and tablet applications deliver role based solutions to meet the needs of mobile users
  • Update 2 continues to deliver many enhancements that provide deep vertical industry solutions focused on manufacturing and distribution, consumer goods, projects and service, and asset intensive industries
  • Usability and productivity enhancements are found throughout the applications and business processes such as new capabilities to support automation of the voucher match process

JDE Release 9.1 Update 2 Enhancements

  • Mobile Service Time Entry
  • Speed Case Entry Tablet application
  • Warehouse Management Tablet application
  • Warehouse Management One View Reporting
  • Real Estate Management Unit Attributes
  • Health and Safety Incident Management – previously announced
  • Automated Inventory to G/L Reconciliation
  • One View drill back capabilities to EnterpriseOne Applications

Oracle Product Catalog for JDE

  • Includes all enhancements for JDE. Dynamic, online search tool that enables you to obtain release net change information
  • You can customize the search by release, product, feature, any word, or compare changes between releases
  • You can export the output to csv, email, html, pdf, or rtf formats
  • Access the product catalog from the link:

Oracle Technical Catalog

  • Online search tool across releases. You can search by release, functional product areas, object type and system codes, or compare changes between releases
  • Oracle Technical Catalog replaces the JD Edwards Applications Programmer’s Guide as the single source to find technical changes for the JD Edwards products
  • The Applications Programmer’s Guide is now obsolete and will no longer be published. Access the Oracle Technical Catalog from either of the following links:


– site by clicking the Resources button

Other JDE Information Resources


  • JDE Upgrade Resources


  • 9.1 Update 2 application enhancement details


  • JDE Customer Success Videos



WebCenter Content

  • New User Interface
    • Simple & Fast
  1. Single Page App – faster then current UI
  2. New Document Library views
  3. Type-Ahead search & filtering, integrated viewers
  • Compelling
  1. Provides the best capabilities in the industry
  2. Modeled after consumer web design
  • Architectural Improvements
  1. Detached UI app in front of Content Server
  2. New Enterprise Libraries
  • Mobile
    • Supports B.Y.O.D. Initiatives
    • Knowledge-worker focused apps
    • iOS/Android apps
    • Automated content synchronization
    • Supports business process solutions
  • Automated Capture and Forms Recognition
    • What’s New
  1. Web-based scan/index/admin user interface
  2. Improved data recognition and extraction engine (OCR, handprint and table extraction)
  • Benefits
  1. Standard deployment, administration and language support model
  2. Improved cross-browser support
  3. Simplified support for distributed capture of documents into WebCenter Content

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