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Better Data Modeling: The best FREE data modeling tool just got better!

Yes, it true Virginia, the is a Santa Claus!

And this year Santa brought you a new, improved version of the best FREE data modeling tool in the known universe: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.0.

The team at Oracle went all out this year and produced three (yes three) pre-release versions to make sure all the fixes and new features were rock solid before they called it production.

That is a lot of testing and work.

But worth the effort – they fixed piles of bugs and added dozens of new features.

Oracle product manager Jeff Smith (@thatjeffsmith) has already published several articles highlighting his favorite new features. Check out what he has to say here then go download the new version and give it try.

Let me know what you your favorite new feature is.

Merry Christmas!

The Oracle Christmas Elf


P.S. Without proven methods and standards, even the best tool will not insure you build the best model, so why not increase your chances by giving yourself the gift of knowledge by picking up a copy of my data model checklist book (on sale for a few more hours).


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3 thoughts on “Better Data Modeling: The best FREE data modeling tool just got better!

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  2. Jeff Huth on said:

    I was hoping the tool would eventually support creating physical models for MySQL and PostgreSQL. It still does not. You can import from these database types, but you cannot generate to them. Has anyone found a way to do this yet?

    • Sorry I have not nor heard of anyone doing so. Though the MySQL request do seem to show up on the OTN forum frequently enough. Seems like at least MySQL would be an option since Oracle owns that one.

      Keep asking.

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