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#OOW13 Oracle OpenWorld 2013: #Microsoft, #Cloud, Oh My!

Let me lead with the big stuff first, then I will report on some other sessions I attended later.

Live at the #Cloud Keynote

This should be interesting – joint keynote with Brad Anderson Corporate VP Cloud Enterprise from Microsoft.

Brad Anderson Corporate VP from Microsoft on stage at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Brad Anderson Corporate VP from Microsoft on stage at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

This is definitely a first!

Brad says Oracle workloads running on Windows servers is one of the most common configurations in the data center.

Talking about The Cloud OS. Claims Windows Azure – public cloud is battle tested. For example:

  • 1.5 billion unique games of Halo on XBox
  • 8.5 trillion objects stored in Azure blob store

Announcing that available today on Azure:

  • Oracle DB
  • Oracle Weblogic

Check it out here:

Only public cloud in the industry where you can provision an Oracle db!

Next Jeff Woosley demoed Azure for OOW. Neat Azure auto scale – triggered by pre-set but changeable threshold.

Also Infrastructure as a Service with Azure VMs.  Looks very easy to set up and configure an Oracle database in the cloud.

Very agile – can develop a configuration once and deploy anywhere.

I saw the first evidence of the partnership earlier today in the exhibit hall. Surprising.

Front and Center

Front and Center

No telling what will be next!

The Larry No Show

In a shocking (to some) turn of events, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was a “no show” for his much anticipated cloud keynote. He was supposed to be on the stage after Microsoft’s presentation but alas Larry was otherwise engaged.

So he sent Thomas Kurian to present in his stead. Thomas is a great speaker and had some interesting things to say, but you had to feel for the guy when what was easily several thousand people got up and walked out of the keynote hall.

Now Larry had a pretty good reason – Oracle Team USA had won the first race of the day in the Americas Cup (during the Microsoft keynote actually) and the second match race of the day was to be run pretty much exactly when he was supposed to be on stage. So we can only imagine how torn he was (or not).

Hack off 60,000 Oracle customers, or miss seeing his racing boat win another race?

In all my years of attending OOW (all the way back to the first one in the mid ninety’s), I only remember Larry doing this one other time.

And imagine this, it was when he was in Australia during the America’s Cup that year. Now in that case he did at least phone it in and did a remote video talk from his yacht.

Folks were pretty hacked off then. And we did not win.

The upside this time (if there is one) is that Team USA did in fact win that race so now the cup is tied 8 – 8.

So tomorrow (Wednesday) will be the final race. One way or the other it will be over (for this year anyway).

Go Team USA! Let’s keep the Cup in America.


P.S. It is late so I will post about the excellent sessions I attended later this week. Stay tuned.

P.P.S. Still managing to work in some morning chi gung:

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