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2012 – Year of the Data Vault?

Well, several of us sure hope so! 😉

Data Vault Modeling appears to finally be catching on in the DW community here in the USA and in Canada. My co-author (and co-conspirator) Dan Linstedt provided some details on organizations and consultants who have been successful using Data Vault in 2011. We got some great quotes from a few industry luminaries to boot! You can see the details in his year-end blog post.

We (Dan & I) spent a fair amount of time (i.e., years) and effort trying to get to this point. One big highlight (for me anyway) was finally seeing the technical book on data vault data modeling get published. We started writing parts of the book over five years ago, but things like making the mortgage payment kind of got in the way. Writing and self-publishing a book can be pretty intense so it is really nice to see it in print. You can get your very own hard-copy on Amazon, or an e-copy (with some cool bonuses) from Dan’s Learn Data Vault site. (Full disclosure – if you go buy the book from either site, I will of course make huge piles of $$$$ in royalties that might let me spring for lunch occasionally.)

If you are not really sure what Data Vault is all about and want the short course first, check out my Introduction to Data Vault slides from my presentation at Oracle Open World 2011.  I had about 30 people attend the session and had some great discussions with the attendees. That was pretty gratifying since it was the LAST session on the LAST day of the conference.

So 2011 was a very successful year for getting the word out that there is a better way to develop your enterprise data warehouse.

Here’s to continuing the momentum in 2012.



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3 thoughts on “2012 – Year of the Data Vault?

  1. Hi Kent,

    Awesome review of our joint efforts, and thank-you again. To your readers: Kent was indispensable in the process of me getting my book out, he really did a great job of helping me clarify my writing, and asking questions so that the book “made sense.” Without Kent’s involvement, my book simply would not have been published!

    On the flip side, Kent is trained and certified in DV modeling, I consider his level to be on the mastery side of the house, and he is qualified to present and teach on the subject (not many are at this level).

    I think 2012 will really change the game. I’ve begun getting inquiries from companies (already) that want to use the DV structure to integrate their operational systems, they are not even looking at “data warehousing” – so, operational Data Vaults are taking shape.

    Dan Linstedt

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