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#OOW13 – Oracle OpenWorld 2013: Pictures, Tweets and more

#OOW13 is well underway now with lots of tweets and blog posts already out on the web. Check the stream on twitter under #oow13 for all the news.

I tried to see some of the Americas Cup race on Saturday but unfortunately the weather and wind did  not cooperate so the race was called for the day. 😦

But got a few pictures to share:

Americas Cup Racing: Team USA

Americas Cup Racing: Team USA

And a  nice view:

Golden Gate from the East Bleachers at the Americas Cup

Golden Gate from the East Bleachers at the Americas Cup

The New Oracle Plaza

Imagine our shock when we learned that there would be no Howard Street Tent this year! The nerve.

But in its place is the open-air Oracle Plaza, full of comfortable seats for hanging out, networking, eating lunch, and watching the keynotes on a big screen. Oracle is really counting on the weather to be typical dry fall weather. Hopefully that holds up.

OOW13: The New Oracle Plaza

OOW13: The New Oracle Plaza

User Group Sunday

I did attend a few sessions on Sunday.

The only session this year (from a user) on my favorite tool, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler was given by Heli Helskyaho, the CEO of Miracle Finland (@HeliFromFinland).

Heli Helskyaho: Why do I need #SQLDevModler?

Heli Helskyaho: Why do I need #SQLDevModler?

She did an excellent job of introducing folks to SDDM and laid out 9 use cases for using the tool.

9 use cases for #SQLDevModeler

9 use cases for #SQLDevModeler

(Hard to read I know, but zoom in…)

I also attended a session by my buddy Stewart Bryson, who is now the new Chief Innovation Officer for Rittman Mead globaly, Congrats Stewart!

He did an amazing (IMO) talk about how to go beyond agile and achieve Extreme BI. He gave us the beginnings of a complete Oracle-based framework which looks very promising.

He said some heretical things like skip the staging area for your data warehouse! I do think he is on to something and can make it work so we have a real chance at real time BI and still have a solid architectural foundation.

Stewart Bryson's talk about Extreme BI

Stewart Bryson’s talk about Extreme BI

Opening Keynote

Of course the was the opening Keynote by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Key words: #bigdata #inmemory and #AmericasCup (of course). Lots of big news.

Check out this info graphic about the event.

Mark Rittman already did a nice review of the talk (among other things). So rather than repeat check out his post.

And for those interested, right now the Americas Cup standings are USA 5 to New Zealand 8. But that will change later today for sure when they race again.

More to come about #oow13 and this years Oaktable World (#OTW13).



The Oracle Data Warrior

P.S. Had a great evening last night at the annual Oracle #ACE dinner which was hosted at the Walt Disney Museum in The Presidio.

Count down to Oracle OpenWorld 2013

The pre-event for this year’s Oracle OpenWorld started over the weekend.

A little event called The America’s Cup. The oldest trophied sport in the world (yachting that is).

For those that don’t know Team USA is the defending champ, and Team USA happens to be sponsored primarily by Larry Ellison and Oracle.

It is a pretty exciting event with the high tech boats they are now using and the first two races got broadcast live on NBC.

The downside, we (Team USA)  lost both races. Bummer. (Looks like we won a race today)

Luckily it is a best 17 series. That runs right up to the start of #oow13.

I will be heading to SFO for the annual ACE Directors’ briefing at Oracle HQ next week before the conference starts so I am hoping to maybe catch one of the last races.

If we win again, I expect all of Larry’s keynotes will at least mention it a few hundred times. The upside is we will get to see some pretty cool highlight clips. 🙂

Speaking of keynotes, if you are attending OOW this year, you can find the times and speakers for the keynotes here.

Looks like Big Data and Club will be the main topics.

Don’t forget to plan on the attending the appreciation event on Wednesday night to see Maroon 5 and The Black Keys. That should be a great concert. Right before that will be the now-annual Blogger’s Meetup.

If you are a blogger, please join us.

Anyone interested in some Morning Chi Gung in the city by the bay during OOW? Follow me on twitter (@kentgraziano) for the where and when.

See y’all soon.


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