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Hello Montreal!

Well, it took all day, but I am safely tucked away for the evening in my hotel (Le Meridien Versailles) in Montreal.  I am here for a three-day Data Vault Certification class.

I left Houston this morning, flew through Cleveland (CLE) and then to Burlington, Vermont. There, my good friend, Dan Linstedt, kindly picked me up at the airport and drove us across the border to Montreal, Canada (which took about 2 hours) and deposited me at my hotel. Dan lives north of Burlington and was coming this way anyhow (he is actually teaching the class I am attending). It was a great chance for us to catch up as we have not seen each other (face to face anyway) for quite a few years. Look for some big things from Dan in the coming months.

Monday night I prepared for the class by loading up my laptop with all the latest Oracle toys: SQL Developer Data Modeler Release 3.1 Early Adopter, SQL Developer Release 3.1 Early Adopter, and the Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release 2 (AKA Oracle XE). These are all free tools and very easy to set up (even for a non-DBA like moi). With that I should be able to actually build out the examples in the class for real.

(Hmm…maybe I can use those for examples in my KScope 12 session…)

In any case, it should be a fun few days meeting some new people, seeing a new city (I have never been here before), and seeing what new techniques Dan has come with in the Data Vault arena.

Stay tuned this week as I plan to provide some updates each day on what I learned in the class. (You might want to click the “follow” button if you haven’t already)

If there are any questions you want me to ask Dan, leave them below in the comments.


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