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#OOW13 Oracle OpenWorld 2013: #Microsoft, #Cloud, Oh My!

Let me lead with the big stuff first, then I will report on some other sessions I attended later.

Live at the #Cloud Keynote

This should be interesting – joint keynote with Brad Anderson Corporate VP Cloud Enterprise from Microsoft.

Brad Anderson Corporate VP from Microsoft on stage at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Brad Anderson Corporate VP from Microsoft on stage at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

This is definitely a first!

Brad says Oracle workloads running on Windows servers is one of the most common configurations in the data center.

Talking about The Cloud OS. Claims Windows Azure – public cloud is battle tested. For example:

  • 1.5 billion unique games of Halo on XBox
  • 8.5 trillion objects stored in Azure blob store

Announcing that available today on Azure:

  • Oracle DB
  • Oracle Weblogic

Check it out here:

Only public cloud in the industry where you can provision an Oracle db!

Next Jeff Woosley demoed Azure for OOW. Neat Azure auto scale – triggered by pre-set but changeable threshold.

Also Infrastructure as a Service with Azure VMs.  Looks very easy to set up and configure an Oracle database in the cloud.

Very agile – can develop a configuration once and deploy anywhere.

I saw the first evidence of the partnership earlier today in the exhibit hall. Surprising.

Front and Center

Front and Center

No telling what will be next!

The Larry No Show

In a shocking (to some) turn of events, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was a “no show” for his much anticipated cloud keynote. He was supposed to be on the stage after Microsoft’s presentation but alas Larry was otherwise engaged.

So he sent Thomas Kurian to present in his stead. Thomas is a great speaker and had some interesting things to say, but you had to feel for the guy when what was easily several thousand people got up and walked out of the keynote hall.

Now Larry had a pretty good reason – Oracle Team USA had won the first race of the day in the Americas Cup (during the Microsoft keynote actually) and the second match race of the day was to be run pretty much exactly when he was supposed to be on stage. So we can only imagine how torn he was (or not).

Hack off 60,000 Oracle customers, or miss seeing his racing boat win another race?

In all my years of attending OOW (all the way back to the first one in the mid ninety’s), I only remember Larry doing this one other time.

And imagine this, it was when he was in Australia during the America’s Cup that year. Now in that case he did at least phone it in and did a remote video talk from his yacht.

Folks were pretty hacked off then. And we did not win.

The upside this time (if there is one) is that Team USA did in fact win that race so now the cup is tied 8 – 8.

So tomorrow (Wednesday) will be the final race. One way or the other it will be over (for this year anyway).

Go Team USA! Let’s keep the Cup in America.


P.S. It is late so I will post about the excellent sessions I attended later this week. Stay tuned.

P.P.S. Still managing to work in some morning chi gung:

Count down to Oracle OpenWorld 2013

The pre-event for this year’s Oracle OpenWorld started over the weekend.

A little event called The America’s Cup. The oldest trophied sport in the world (yachting that is).

For those that don’t know Team USA is the defending champ, and Team USA happens to be sponsored primarily by Larry Ellison and Oracle.

It is a pretty exciting event with the high tech boats they are now using and the first two races got broadcast live on NBC.

The downside, we (Team USA)  lost both races. Bummer. (Looks like we won a race today)

Luckily it is a best 17 series. That runs right up to the start of #oow13.

I will be heading to SFO for the annual ACE Directors’ briefing at Oracle HQ next week before the conference starts so I am hoping to maybe catch one of the last races.

If we win again, I expect all of Larry’s keynotes will at least mention it a few hundred times. The upside is we will get to see some pretty cool highlight clips. 🙂

Speaking of keynotes, if you are attending OOW this year, you can find the times and speakers for the keynotes here.

Looks like Big Data and Club will be the main topics.

Don’t forget to plan on the attending the appreciation event on Wednesday night to see Maroon 5 and The Black Keys. That should be a great concert. Right before that will be the now-annual Blogger’s Meetup.

If you are a blogger, please join us.

Anyone interested in some Morning Chi Gung in the city by the bay during OOW? Follow me on twitter (@kentgraziano) for the where and when.

See y’all soon.


Biggest Discount Ever: Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Hard to believe but it is already that time of year – time to register for Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco (September 22-26).

If you plan to go, you need to act this week to get the biggest early bird rates available.

Until July 19th you will get $500 off the full conference price.


Oracle has extended to early bird discount until August 2nd! *****

If you are eligible for the government rate you can save a whopping $1000!


To sign up now, just go here.


What? You say your boss is not sold on the value of attending OOW2013.

Need some talking points? Well Oracle has prepared a template email for you to edit that should help you sell it.

Here are some of the points:

99.5% of Attendees Said Oracle OpenWorld Delivers On Their Objectives

Critical objectives like:

  • Discovering new product and technology solutions
  • Improving technical proficiency and knowledge
  • Learning tips and tricks for currently installed products
  • Understanding where the industry is headed

You probably already know that your investment of time and money in Oracle OpenWorld will pay for itself and then some. Need help convincing your manager? Download the justification e-mail, tailor it to fit your situation, then send it on for approval.

Get the email template here: Justification E-Mail | Oracle OpenWorld 2013.

As usual I will be there, so drop me a line if you plan to attend so we can try to meet up.

C’ya soon!


P.S. Of course I plan to do my morning Chi Gung each day while I am in San Francisco. Please plan to join me. Stay tuned for details.

If I tell ya…Oracle ACE Director meeting: Day 1


This is my first time at an ACE Director product briefing and it is pretty amazing. It is a who’s who of Oracle talent from around the globe getting updated by Oracle execs and product management.

I feel very privileged to be part of it.

Lots of cool things coming your way, but until it is all public next week at OOW 2012, well…I can’t tell you much. NDA and all. Sorry.

I think I am safe showing you the topics and presenters:

Agenda Day 1

And here is a picture of me and my longtime friend and colleague Rich Niemiec, world-class DBA extraordinaire. This was in front of the main Oracle buildings in California, and the old Oracle racing yacht early this morning before the meeting started. I had not been on the Oracle campus in a very long time.

Kent and Rich at Oracle HQ

Here is one cool slide I can share. It shows the oracle Fusion Apps that Red Robin has implemented. Not that I care that much about Oracle Apps, but I do like to eat at red Robin. 🙂

It was a great day. My brain is tired.

More stuff tomorrow. Then downtown to prep for OOW 2012.

Stay tuned to this bat channel…


P.S. Check out this infographic about Oracle OpenWorld. Huge!

Oracle User Groups: Are you a member?

I love user groups.

Getting introduced and involved in them has made a huge difference in my career. If it was not for all the people I have met in the last 22+ years, my career, and life, would have been very different.

I have met hundreds (maybe thousands) of amazing people both from within Oracle Corp and outside. Many of them became, and remain, my friends. Which is why we all love to get together several times a year at various user group and industry events to catch up, exchange wars stories, and learn new things.

Right now, I am starting to prepare for one of my favorites – ODTUG KScope. I will be there presenting in June and  running my popular Morning Chi Gung class for the 2nd year in a row.

If you have not registered, get to it! Rooms are going fast and you want to be sure to stay at the conference resort (yes – resort, not hotel!).

And on the ODTUG front, they have just announced you can now join for just $99 a year. That is the best value you can find for the world’s best Oracle user group for Developers.

So are you in? Are you at member of at least one user group?

What? You don’t know which one to join?

Then check out this new cool site Oracle just put up with videos from some of the user group leaders. After that, check out their new User Group Central with information about Oracle user groups around the globe.

So get out there and meet some new people and learn some new things.

Come to KScope12.

Join a user group.

See you in San Antonio.


P.S. Don’t forget to submit an abstract for Oracle OpenWorld before the deadline passes. It will get you a free pass to the show (worth over $2000). Tell’em ODTUG and the Oracle Data Warrior sent you.

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